Second on the log H-High fc manager,Legacy is confident his side can move against all odds to be crowned the league winners come may.

Few days ago,skills fc’ manager heaped praises on Legacy’s men awarding them the best team in the league. However,Legacy has come out to back his counter part stressing that the league is very much within their grasp.

He was quick to point out that just four points separate them from league leaders,city who will play most of the last six rounds without their star players.

He highlighted that his team are ready to give their all to win the rest of their matches and cling top spot should Gafar’s men slip off. He noted that the league has reached a crucial stage where no team can be over looked.”At this point there is no easy team,all teams will be playing with their best…they will give their all but I am confident we can come out with favourable results” he added when asked about the team he thinks can drown his title hopes.

Speaking about his next match which comes against one of the league’s giants,skills fc,Legacy made it clear that his boys will come out at them.

The match against skills will be a very crucial one,skillz fc are a very good side with an outstanding manager but we are going to attack them and get our desired result,we cannot afford to take chances.

H-High sit second joint twenty four points with skillz fc whom they have three goals advantage over.

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