PAGE-PAGE- City Boys FC Belong To The White Garment Churches

Marine fc for the first time in the season have recorded two victories in a row in their last two outings.

First it was the narrow 1-bill win against Zeus fc last mid week followed by 3-mill thrashing of forte lewis last saturday. However,the new found form and tactical upgrade has made marine a threat to other teams and a force to reckon with as the curtain sets to be dropped on the league.

Marine fc manager,page made it clear in an interview with the LBC that they fear no team not even city boys who are yet to bow to a defeat.

The trainer took turn to pin point the league topping teams confidently certain his team will end the lions fourteen games unbeaten run. ” The best city can do is sing and clap but this time not to victory but to defeat in the hands of no other team but marine….they belong to the white garment churches”.

He continued by advising city manger to bring back his best legs from NUGA adding that there will be no room for excuses. The manager not only anticipate the match against city boys but also made it clear that he could totally end skills fc’ hopes of winning the league. “As for the match against city in the mid week,I believe its a victory for us so skills should get ready to face the same fate as well”he concluded.

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