Back in the month of may when the sport director and chairman of the LBC,comrade Opeyemi Ibrahim popularly known as Izubair together with the secretary of the committee, Excel were hosted on unilorin FM questions regarding the continuation of the league were asked. Since the league came into existence courtesy of his initiative and there was nothing to guarantee that incoming administration into the office will key into the idea.

There was never a hundred percent assurance but both remained optimistic in their responses highlighting the fact that the initiative is far beyond just playing the game. It aims to impact discipline, endurance, commitment and all good behaviors the alma mata seek to instill into her students. It will to a larger extent bring out the leadership qualities in the players and managers,the ability to manage individuals and develop  good human relations. 

The league operates in such a manner that no team would have more than fifty percent of the squad from a particular faculty this is to create the unity and friendly atmosphere which these sports are intended to born.

More so,some of the players play for various clubs outside the school where they partake in competitions but the unique thing about this initiative is that if at all any of them take part in a league competition then the percentage is extremely low. Hence,unilorin league has created the avenue for individuals to be part of a football league competition as well as know what it takes to be a league player. A league is quite different from a cup where fewer games are played. Unilorin league however spans across both semesters and as such put more tasks on its partakers.

The league’s board committee have also put into consideration those whose passion are in officiating stressing that suitable provisions have been made to see to their training. The league aims at preparing individuals for their passion outside the walls of the school. In few years,the committee seek to create a platform where winners of the league will be backed to take part in the country’s professional league. Talents are being discovered and built both in management and on the field.

However,to put smile on the faces of players,managers and lovers of the unilorin league the sports secretary elect,comrade Bashar who is known by the nick Bash’ has declared his intentions to carry on the with the great initiative. Meeting with the LBC on Tuesday, 15th August Bash made this known. The meeting addressed the shortcomings of the previous season as well as ways of improving the first ever university league in the nation in its successive seasons.

Later that day,meeting with the managers held where their points and views were noted. 

Also,it is worthy to note that two teams Dynamic feet Fc and Rising stars Fc have been relegated and details on how new teams will join the train will be announced in the due time. Unilorin league continues… It resumes better and stronger in grand style.



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